The rupestrian paintings of La Sarga, world heritage site

Renting a rural house in Alcoy, or booking in a rural hotel in Alicante, you can visit La Sarga. In this space is a good example of the rock art of Alcoy so it is part of the route of rock visits in Alicante.

La Sarga, the best rock paintings in Alicante

This historic site is 10 kilometers away from Alcoy. You can access it by driving north on the N-340 or on the A-7. After a quarter of an hour of comfortable travel, you reach the main access of La Sarga, which borrows its name from the homonymous village near the place . The ravine of Cova Foradada is the perfect natural environment to enjoy such an incomparable natural museum.

The paintings date back to the Neolithic era and were discovered in 1951. The archaeological museum of Alcoy is responsible, since then, for the care of this discovery. In 1998 UNESCO declared the place a World Heritage Site due to the incalculable artistic and anthropological value of the aforementioned paintings.

Descripción de La Sarga, el yacimiento pictórico del Neolítico que te sorprenderá.

The visit

During the tour, you can admire three different styles:

– Macroesquematic art. It is exclusive to the province of Alicante and represents anthropomorphic and serpentine images. It is, without doubt, one of the most characteristic features of the cave paintings of Alicante.

– Schematic art. The classic that offers hunting scenes or the daily routine.

– Levantine art. It dates from the Epipaleolithic and remains an unknown to many researchers. It has its own personality by not using the mixture of colors and by always betting on a simplicity of lines that is as surprising as it is effective.

It is important to mention that the visit does not go through the classic cave in which there is the occasional painting. On this occasion, several outdoor rock surfaces are covered and a specific explanation of each one is received. It is, as we indicated, an open-air museum in which it is much easier to understand the reason for the artistic difference that the former artists wanted to make to their creations.

As a curiosity, these spaces were never, as in other sites, the homes of the locals, but places of passage that wanted to decorate differently with a series of drawings, or perhaps signs, that warned others of what they might find in that zone.

This visit is very educational and may well be the perfect complement to your stay in the city of Alcoy. The pleasant walk will take you to another time and will allow you to turn your holidays into a new way of educating your children or increasing your culture. Remember that a rural house in Alcoy can be a perfect base of operations to carry out this interesting route that allows you to enjoy the rock art of the east of the Iberian Peninsula.


La Sarga, la joya del Neolítico escondida en Alcoy


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