La Serreta, the most important Iberian settlement in the province of Alicante

Access and history of La Serreta

Of the various routes through Alicante that can be carried out to better understand its immense historical heritage, the visit to La Serreta is possibly one of the most interesting. The lovers of the rural tourism in Alicante do not stop praising the essential lesson of history that supposes to enjoy such an interesting historical place. Along with the visit La Sarga Alcoy, this experience is as unique as indescribable.

It is located about 900 meters from the aforementioned city of Alicante. A wild track is the beginning of the road that ends, after the corresponding ascent, in the visit to the Iberian town. This route is therefore ideal for lovers of hiking and also for those who stay in a rural hotel in Alcoy and wish to expand their knowledge.

The total route is 5.37 kilometers and the maximum height reached is 1,057 meters above sea level. During the climb, you should pay special attention to the crossroads behind the farmhouse. Keep straight and you will reach the village. It was discovered in 1917 and consists of the remains of the town, the necropolis and a sanctuary.

La Serreta, el imprescindible poblado íbero para los amantes del turismo rural en Alicante

The visit

Since 1931 it has been a national monument and has welcomed thousands of people interested in learning more about how the Iberians lived. It is very interesting to observe the remains of the wall that lead directly to the monument to Camilo Visedo and the aforementioned religious building. However, one of the great discoveries made after the discovery of this town was that of six sheets of lead with Iberian script. To date, it has not been possible to translate them.

Later studies have confirmed that this town was, in the third century BC. de C., the capital of the valley that presides. Not in vain, at present it is still a privileged vantage point to observe the characteristics of Alcoy from above. La Serreta was a place of passage from which the commerce of the area was controlled and in which its walls and its sanctuary had a joint role in defense of their interests and of social union point respectively.

The walk combines, therefore, knowledge with nature. It is a journey in time with a pleasant physical activity and accessible to any type of person. The excursion is ideal for the whole family as it becomes an invaluable history lesson in the first person.

Not for nothing, it has been one of the most demanded routes by Alicante for those who want to see how this Alcoy site is essential to know the importance of the Iberians in the cultural development of the province of Alicante.

Alcoy, no dejes de visitar el poblado íbero de La Serreta

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