The Route of the Castles in the mountain of Alicante, a unique experience.

More than 15 centuries of wars, struggles, pacts and invasions left an immense patrimonial legacy of castles, fortresses, forts, defensive towers, watchtowers and walled palaces that now, with the perspective of time, you can contemplate if you decide to go trekking in Alicante.

The archaeological wealth of the province is enormous, one of the reasons why many people opt for interior tourism in Alicante. These jewels that shine with their own light in this corner of the Mediterranean trace endless routes full of natural spaces for which it is worth missing.

Five routes of castles in Alicante

You can find five routes of castles in Alicante through which to review their history, and in which you will be surprised by more than 230 examples of defensive architecture that exist. Book a rural hotel in the interior of Alicante and plan your getaway to not miss a detail.

There is that of the Tudmir Castles, which are Islamic constructions that are located to the south of the province, also that of the Castles of the Inner Frontier or Castles of the Vinalopó, which coincides with the old border that separated the Crown of Castile from that of Aragon. And it has more than 30 fortifications that extend through 14 municipalities, the Castles of the Clau del Regne (key to the kingdom), those of the Frontier of Fear and the Castles of the Mountain, which are the ones we are going to talk about more broadly in this post.

The Castles of the Mountain of Alicante

Of the numerous defensive constructions that are built in this emblematic point of the Costa Blanca, without a doubt, it is worth visiting the Castles of the Mountain of Alicante. The route discovers the most splendid nature of this area traveling fourteen locations (Torremanzanas, Benifallim, Tibi, Jijona, Alcoy, Cocentaina, Onil, Alcoleja, Agres, Planes, Balones, Lorcha, Almudaina and Vall de Gallinera) and the natural parks of the Mountain of Alicante, The Carrascar of the Font Roja and the Sierra de Mariola.

The peaceful and peaceful life of these towns stands as a great alternative to the hustle and bustle you will find on the coast. In this area of ​​rugged relief you will feel the peace you are looking for, while completing an interesting tour through the history of our country visiting fortifications such as: the Castle of Barxell, the Palace of Malferit, the Castle of Perputxent, the Palau Comtal, the Castle of Alcalá or Benissili or the Castle of Torre Grossa.

If you enjoy everything that nature can offer you and are fond of good food, come and go trekking in Alicante and discover one of the most impressive castles routes in Spain.

Ven a hacer senderismo a Alicante y descubre una de las rutas de castillos más impresionantes de España

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