Get to know the Festivity of Moors and Christians in Alcoy

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Festivity in Alcoy

By the time of Holy Week we also have a celebration that has positioned itself as a festival of international tourist interest; This year will be celebrated on April 22, 23 and 24. It is about the festivity called Moors and Christians, common to several populations of the Spanish Levant.

The story tells that on April 23, 1276, during a battle between Moors and Christians, St. George intervened, thanks to which the Muslims were defeated. It is the date designated to commemorate the triumph of the warrior and to pay homage to the patron saint of Alcoy, so at the beginning it was a fundamentally religious festivity.

The development of the festival has led her to be composed of historical elements, represented with an elaborate and striking theatrical richness. It also includes several spectacular parades of floats, dromedaries and horses. All these traditions make this party a different event.

The first day and after the touch of the target, the Christian Entrance takes place and the keys of the city are given to the captain. A little later happens the Mora Entry, which most often like the attendees for the spectacular and colorful clothes and weapons.

The second day you can attend two religious events: in the morning to the Procession of the Relic of St. George and in the afternoon to the General Procession, both very colorful and well attended.

Finally, the third day represents the battle between both sides for the conquest and possession of the castle. It is the noisiest and funniest part of the party, when blunderbusses and arquebuses reverberate on the mountain of Alicante. Almost falling night, in the heat of the fight, San Jorge appears in the castle and the fight ends with the liberation of the city.

From our rural hotel in Alcoy you can contemplate with your family the closing of the party, which is dismissed with profusion of fireworks.

En la fiesta de Moros y Cristianos se disparan arcabuces y trabucos

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