Molí del Salt in Benilloba, one of the routes in Alicante and your next stop

Speaking of tourism and talking about Alicante is not necessarily the same as talking about its beaches, but quite the opposite: we may be talking about unique places, excursions to unknown places but no less magical or places to explore on a vacation unique and different. Speaking of tourism, holidays and this coastal area is talking about the routes in Alicante today.

A way, in short, novel tourism for those who bet to get away from the madding crowd, to reach new places and to reach the most remote places of Benilloba. Join us to discover this somewhat unknown face in Alicante.

The routes in Alicante or the plan for your next vacation

If you still have no plan or if, on the contrary, you already know that doing rural tourism in Alicante is what you are going to use part of your next vacation, it is clear that hiking in Alicante is among those plans.

Could you imagine a place that is accessed by a masonry staircase in a spot between vertical walls and waterfalls? You can imagine or not, what is clear is that the mill is one of the most unique and recondite places in the region. A place to visit for being a natural wonder among gorges and unique landscapes.

Although this mill full of history is in ruins at the moment, it is no less true that it is the perfect excuse to visit the place where you can also enjoy the incredible view that allows a high jump of 20 meters.

A perfect place or the perfect excuse to stay in a rural house in Benilloba, the municipality located next to the river Frainós on the road between Alcoy and Callosa de Ensarriá.

El Molí del Salt en Benilloba es la visita obligatoria para quienes apuestan por el senderismo

An incomparable framework

The cultural heritage of the area, activities within the framework of active tourism more fashionable than ever in an area that has known how to exploit its history and its own natural environment well justify this proposal, which also does not lack good gastronomy. The famous Pericana or the Olleta will be two delicacies that you should try during your bet for nature.

A unique setting to live and see, a gastronomy to taste and an enclave with history are the justifications for a trip with destination, of course, to a place where accommodation can not be below this bar: the rural hotel of Benilloba.

Can there be something more tempting than a romantic and cozy country house in Benilloba where you are offered the comforts of a small charming rural hotel in Alicante in the interior of the Valencian Community? The answer is that there can not be. Welcome to the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

El Molí del Salt en Benilloba o la excusa para lojarse en una casa rural romántica para conquistar

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