Modernist tourism in Alcoy

In any rural hotel in Alcoy we offer you a place to enjoy one of the most important modernist routes in the country. The modernism of Alcoy will make you enjoy nature within urban art itself. Its beauty has been part of its great industrial development.

Tourism in Alcoy: the modernist route

The best way to enjoy tourism in Alcoy is from a rural house in Alcoy or a charming hotel, where you will find all the information you need to enjoy your modernist route.

Milestones of modernism in Alcoy

Housing in Capellà Belloch, 9

It comes from 1910 by D. Timoteo Briet. We can observe stone rectangles in the facade with a unique braid, as well as the forge lookout that will not leave you indifferent.

Homes in Bartolomé J. Gallardo 1,3 and 5

Our charming hotel is close to these buildings, built in 1905 by Don Timoteo Briet. You will be impressed by the green tiles and the curved and linear finishes simultaneously.

Housing in Joan Cantó, 10, 8 and 2

By D. Vicente Pascual in 1910, with smooth ashlars and sinuous forms. The second one stands out for its different ashlars. Finally, at number 2, you will find one of the most representative buildings of modernism, where you will see the headquarters of the Conservatory of Music and Dance Joan Cantó.

Homes in Pintor Casanova 16, 18 and 20

By D. Timoteo Briet, with circles on windows and columns, green tiles and corrugated balconies and railings of forged plate.

Housing in Sant Nicolau, 4, house of the Turkey and industrial circle


Turismo modernista en Alcoy


You’ll see a tripartite gazebo and floral-style stone ornaments. On the other hand, the house of the Pavo is one of the most emblematic and contained the study of modernist painter Cabrera Cantó. You will love the peacocks and the glass mosaics. In some, the canons of art nouveau are followed.

Housing in Sant Llorenç 3, 5 and 27

The first was the house of Cabrera Cantó and in them you will be impressed by the details Sezession and the forge of the balconies.

Homes in Sant Josep, 24

Not only did D. Timoteo Briet, but he lived and died there. It also has a Sezession style and a strip like a frieze carved in stone.

Street País Valencià, 26: Laporta house and 30

It was reformed in 1905 by D. Timoteo Briet and has a flow of steel and beveled tiles. At number 30, we can see a creation of D. Jorge Vilaplana Carbonell with numerous curves, tiles and Moorish latticework.

The most important periods of social changes have left an important modernist legacy. From a rural hotel in Alcoy we offer you more information to enjoy this important artistic heritage that has been included in the European Route of Modernism.

You can not lose this! Modernist Week in Alcoy


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